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How to Choose Your Real Estate Agent

These are some things that you may want to consider when you are selecting an real estate agent:

Knowledge of Property Types & Region – Many agents specialize in certain regions and/or certain type of properties. They may already have buyers at hand, or know other agents in the area with potential buyers. They also know how to promote the area to the buyers.

Personality – You are likely to working quite closely with your agent for a few weeks or months as such he or she needs to be someone you feel you can trust, get on well and who listens and understands your needs.

Education/Certifications – Education and Certifications give more confidence that the agent is knowledgeable of the procedures and the law.

Time Available – Make sure the agent has enough time to handle and promote your property.

Marketing Plan – If you’re looking to let or sell your property make sure a proper online strategy forms part of the agent’s marketing plan. Also, ask how much time the agent is willing to spend time to prepare the property for sale – taking professional photos, communication skills to market your property, giving tips of cleaning/furnishing, etc.

You should engage only one real estate agent to work on your behalf, particularly if you are looking to sell or let your property. Agents often have access to the same listings and using multiple agents may just result in confusion or visiting the same property twice. Multiple agents may also posted bad impression on the property to the potential buyer as they might think of problem related to the property itself as well as the owner and they will starting “press” the price. Also, you will get more commitment from the agent if he/she knows that you are dealing with he/she only.


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