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Business to Take Over Asking Price RM350K


This is fully furnished franchised Restaurant to take over, located in heart of kota damansara opposite Giant and it is corner lot. 
the picture will tell you everything what you need to start up the business :), Owner has done major renovation. 
  • Private lift for food from kitchen to 1st floor. 
  • 2nd lift for customer.
  • Playground at 1st floor.
  • Surau at 1st floor.
  • kitchen cabinet fully furnished with the culinary items.
  • Freezer and fridge.
  • Wet and dry kitchen.

Surrounding developments:

Major developments in the vicinity of 10 km to 15 km from Parcel PB1 and accessible from the LDP include :-


The township is accessible via the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) via Persiaran Surian, the old Batu Tiga-Sungai Buloh road and via its own interchange to the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE). This interchange is located immediately before the Damansara interchange if one is heading to Klang. Future development DASH highway.

Please call “Lah 019 3477 328”

IMG_20121214_165838 IMG_20121214_165857 IMG_20121214_165908 IMG_20121214_165914 IMG_20121214_165921 IMG_20121214_165928 IMG_20121214_165934 IMG_20121214_165944 IMG_20121214_165953 IMG_20121214_170006 IMG_20121214_170013 IMG_20121214_170022 IMG_20121214_170032 IMG_20121214_170054 IMG_20121214_170100 IMG_20121214_170119 IMG_20121214_170124 IMG_20121214_170137 IMG_20121214_170147 IMG_20121214_170152 IMG_20121214_170200 IMG_20121214_170210 IMG_20121214_170223 IMG_20121214_170232 IMG_20121214_170247 IMG_20121214_170253 IMG_20121214_170303 IMG_20121214_170316 IMG_20121214_170322 IMG_20121214_170451 IMG_20121214_170600 IMG_20121214_170606 IMG_20121214_170609 IMG_20121214_170614 IMG_20121214_170630 IMG_20121214_170645 IMG_20121214_170650 IMG_20121214_170702 IMG_20121214_170709 IMG_20121214_170713 IMG_20121214_170721 IMG_20121214_170728 IMG_20121214_170754 IMG_20121214_170814 IMG_20121214_170825 IMG_20121214_171010 IMG_20121214_171013 IMG_20121214_171026 IMG_20121214_172346 IMG_20121214_172418 IMG_20121214_172422 IMG_20121214_172430 IMG_20121214_172436 IMG_20121214_172449 IMG_20121214_172451 IMG_20121214_172455 IMG_20121214_172458 IMG_20121214_172500 IMG_20121214_172503 IMG_20121214_172506 IMG_20121214_172513 IMG_20121214_172523 IMG_20121214_172526 IMG_20121214_172534


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